• Bushhog Services

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    Bush hogging and brush clearing in Northern Kentucky are as necessary as air and water. The grass and the bushes grow with such vigor here that virtually every property will need help from a bush hog at some point. This usually requires specialized equipment. It's not as simple as hopping on your lawn mower and mowing the lawn. On the contrary, each job has its own unique challenges. Some sites are on a steep hillside. Some have trees to mow around. Some need dozens of acres mowed at once. The point is that you must have the right equipment and have people on site who know how to do your specific job.

    Martin Solutions has a multitude of equipment to ensure that we can bushhog your property. We have an excavator with a bush hog attachment (see videos below). This is ideal for sites with difficult terrain such as hillsides and pond edges. We also have a bobcat with a bush hog attachment for running through open fields, wooded areas, and hillsides. Our tractor mounted bushhogs are also ideal for running through open country. Another common problem is overgrown bushes and trees that are crowding into driveways and roadways. Our new flail mower attachment is the ideal tool for trimming back the encroaching vegetation and restoring easy access to your road.

  • Bushhog Applications

    No matter if your site is challenging or easy, we have the equipment, experience, and personnel necessary to get your job done. Contact us today to get an estimate for our bushhog services.

    Examples of of how our bushhog services can benefit you include:

    • Clearing overgrown land
    • Mowing down tall weeds/brush on steep hillsides
    • Trimming back brush overgrowth along driveways and access roads
    • Reclaiming untended pasture land
    • Trimming around power poles and fences
    • Mowing pond banks
    • Maintenance of commercial landscaping
    • Bamboo removal