• Firewood Processing

  • Firewood Processing And Splitting

    If you burn wood for heat, then you know that cutting, transporting, splitting, stacking, and processing your firewood can be time consuming and exhausting. Martin Solutions has a solution for that!
    We can bring our portable firewood processing machine to your property and turn whole logs into a winter's worth of firewood, ready to burn. This would normally take a person several days to do with a chainsaw and conventional wood splitter, but it will take us only a few hours with our high volume firewood processing machines. We are able to generate 3 to 4 cords of split firewood per hour.
    Here's how it works: You fall your trees and cut them into logs approximately 10 feet long and up to 20 inches in diameter. Then call us, or fill out our appointment request form below, in order to schedule a time when we can bring our equipment to your site. We will bring the wood processor to your property at the appointed time and turn that mess of logs into a pristine pile of firewood. For additional cost, we can also help with the tree falling, log gathering, firewood transport, and debris clean up.
    Why pay thousands of dollars every winter for gas or heating oil, when you can supply your own heat source at a fraction of the cost with our extremely efficient firewood processing service?

    We are also able to install outdoor wood boiler heaters for your home as well. Be sure to inquire about our wood furnaces when you call.

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