• Sump Pump Repair

  • Martin Solutions Offers Sump Pump Repair In Northern Kentucky

    When your sump pump is failing, or you need a sump pump installed in your Northern Kentucky home, call the company you can trust to provide high quality work, and at an affordable price. Martin Solutions has the knowledge, and experience to get the job done right.

    For Northern Kentucky homes that are prone to basement flooding because of poor drainage or high storm frequency, having a quality sump pump installed can make a world of difference. Northern Kentucky is no stranger to heavy rainstorms, but with a functioning sump pump in your basement, you can move all that extra water away from your home and minimize the property damage. 

    The kind of home you live in and its special requirements regarding basement flooding will help determine what type of sump pump you should get. There are Two types are used in most homes; one is called a submersible pump, and the other is a pedestal pump. As the names suggest, a submersible pump can operate under the water while a pedestal pump is positioned out of the water.