• Window Wells

  • Martin Solutions offers many waterproofing basement services such as window wells, drain piping, basement drains, sump pump repair, and many more in Northern Kentucky

  • Window Well Installation & Repair Services in Northern Kentucky

    Martin Solutions of Northern Kentucky provide expert and specialized window cover and window well installation, repair and cleaning services for residential  homes for Northern Kentucky residents. Window wells (especially after a bad storm) can accumulate a lot of debris, leaves, water and more. Standing water is especially bad, if it's not draining properly.

    Cleaning your window wells is something a lot of Northern Kentucky home owners don't realize the importance of window well drainage and regular cleaning. Let us know the scope of your window well or window cover cleaning, drainage, repair or installation project, and we'll come prepared to take care of it! 


  • Best Waterproofing Basement Services

    We have the knowledge, and experience to handle all your waterproofing basement needs. We specialize in window well installation & repair, sump pump repair, drain piping, basement drains, foundation repair, stone foundations, excavation, and more for the Northern Kentucky area.