• Foundation Repair

  • Foundation Repair

    November 10, 2017 | Blog
  • What This Foundation Needed

    The foundation walls of this house were bowed in quite badly. Cracks were opening up, drywall was warping and water was soaking into the carpet in the basement. This foundation was on a slow but steady trajectory toward destruction. Something needed to be done in order to straighten the bowed walls, reinforce them, and improve drainage. It just so happens that Martin Solutions specializes in doing all of these things.

  • Martin Solutions' Foundation Solution

    In order to repair the problems with this foundation, we needed to do a few things. Phase 1 was to excavate around then entire length of the uphill side of the house, all the way down to the footer. Doing this removed the pressure off the foundation walls. Phase 2 was push straighten the walls and add steel beam reinforcements in order to keep the wall plum. We removed about 3 inches of bow in the wall when we straightened it. Phase 3 was to add a drain pipe along the exterior perimieter of the footer and add a waterproofing layer to the exterior surface of the foundation wall. Phase 4 was to backfill the entire excavated area with gravel that would allow surface water to percolate down to the drain pipe. The water will the drain out of the pipe behind the house rather than penetrating the foundation wall, as it was doing before. Phase 5 was to replace topsoil over the disturbed area and spread grass seed over the area to protect it from erosion.

    Check out the photos below for snapshots of our progress on this project. This is one of many possible examples of our foundation repair solutions. We are delighted to serve Northern Kentucky with our professional foundation repair servicesCall today to find out how we can assist you with your foundation needs.